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Previous Talks

Janaka Bowman Lewis

The Matter with Black Wom[x]n

Heather Mill

Developing Self-Inquiry

Ninah-Miriam Dickson Kiraya

Employing Cultural Competence to Debunk Differences

Stephen Grotz

Suburbia is Killing Us

Quinton Frederick

The Architecture of Community Change

Tehia Starker Glass

Conversations That Cultivate Seeds of Curiosity

Kara Richardon & Sharmily Ambroise

How Online Spaces Impact Communication


Finding the Champion Inside of You

Colby Ford

Why My Mother Thinks I Work on Robots

Manuel Perez-Quinones

Why I want my Voice Assistant to Speak Spanish

Fatima Mili

Computing Democracy

Brittany Danielle Hunt

My Grandmother's Granddaughter: Indigenous Resilience

Connor Wood

The Dangers of Normalizing "College Broke"

Octavio Lopez

Social Media as a Religion

Diana Rowan

Battling Covert Racism

Maggie Brown

How to Expand Your Understanding of Intelligence

Ashely Rivenbark

Inclusive Thinking: Rewiring Your Brain for Greater Innovation

Steven Rogelberg

The Power of You to Truly Make Meetings Work

Karen Cox

Why History Matters

Alexus Widemon

I am a Statistic-At Least That is What I Was Told

Leslie Dill

How Porn Culture Shapes Our Sexual Health

Tracey Benson

The Binary Code of Racism

Darryl Bellamy JR.

Secret Fears: What I Learned from Reading Thousands of Fears

Keith Murphy

Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: The Final Frontier?

John Nance

Evidently I'm a Supremacist: Acknowledging Privilege and Developing Compassionate Empathy

Khalia Braswell

Using Access to Create Opportunities in Tech

Erica Lennon

I saw Myself as Deadly: Healing After Loss by Suicide

Michael Johnson

The Innovation Two-Step

Paul Marks

53 Easy Steps to More Effective Leadership