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Makiah VanBracey

Makiah Vanbracey

Makiah VanBracey

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Undergraduate Student

TOPIC: Letting Go of Your Dreams

Makiah VanBracey is an English major at UNC Charlotte where she is furthering her studies in pursuit of her dream of becoming an African American literature professor. Prior, Makiah dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion in Taekwondo, a sport she has trained in since she was 8 years old. Makiah was ranked top three in the country for her division and competed in a 2019 Olympic Team Trials event, where she was injured during a match to the point where she was unable to put weight on her leg. Makiah used her time in recovery to reflect on her dreams and the realities of her future. Makiah's hobbies include playing the electric guitar and keyboard, reading, and baking. Makiah is also working on a coming-of-age novel. 

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