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Muhrukh Maqsood

Mahrukh Maqsood

Muhrukh Maqsood

Department / Unit
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Graduate Student

TOPIC: How colleges and universities can be more inclusive for Muslim students

Mahrukh Maqsood is a graduate student pursuing a master’s in communication studies. Belonging to Lahore, Pakistan which is identified as a “multicultural” and “literary” city, Mahrukh has a special disposition for sharing her own learning and understanding new cultures. Mahrukh is always enthusiastic about guiding new students through their graduate studies and life. She has been a DAAD (Germany) cultural ambassador representing Pakistan. Mahrukh serves as the president three graduate student associations: Communication Studies Graduate Students Association (CSGSA), Expanding Your Horizons, and Peace Haven Student Association. Mahrukh is passionate about advocating for food equity and religious freedom in Charlotte.

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